Education and Government purchase orders.

Yes. We accept School & Government orders and there is also considerable discount offered to these institutions. Please contact us for pricing or simply send a PO and we'll adjust the invoice to our School & Government tiered pricing.


1. Macfixit Australia welcomes Purchase Orders (PO's) from Government Agencies, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Universities for a 30-day account.

2. Credit Reference - Government, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities etc: No credit reference is required. Please supply an official institution Purchase Order for a 30-day account.

3. Any item(s) ordered with a PO must be delivered to the institution's place of business. Macfixit Australia will not deliver to a PO box or to a residential address.

4. There's no minimum purchase amount for a PO.

5.  As a discount is already being given to Educational and Governmental Institutions, free shipping is not available on any order placed via a Purchase Order. Shipping charges will apply and may vary depending on the item(s) and quantity ordered.

6. Payment becomes due and payable on 30 days from the date of the invoice.

7. Purchase Orders are additionally subject to the Return Policies and Terms & Conditions found here:

8. Title to the goods remains with Macfixit Australia until payment for the invoice has been made. Macfixit Australia reserves the right for the items be returned to Macfixit Australia on failure to make payment within the agreed period.

If you wish to place an order using a PO, please send through an authorised Purchase Order via email  here for the order to be processed.

Important: Please make sure to write your contact email address on PO.

Please feel free to get in touch under this link for more information.

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